Why Gambling Is The Modern Day Gambling

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Riverboat Gambling

The crisp slicing of cards, shimmering dresses, sharp suits, dealers shouting, clouds of smoke from cigarettes, and coins spitting out from glowing slot machines is the modern day gambling that we know today. Thinking of gambling in America has always brought attention to prospering cities like Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Gambling unfortunately has created a dark subculture that surrounds gaming such as: crime, prostitution, and loansharking. An evolution of security and the disappearance of the mob have made gaming safer for the family since the mid 19th century. These two cities have defined what society knows of gambling in America. They draw million of tourist and have …show more content…

Although the financial backers of the colonies saw gambling as a source of the colonial problems, they began to see it as a solution as well. Once the lottery exposed its untapped potential profits it soon became a civic responsibility. This new resource became heavily relied upon and brought good reciprocity to the community. “During colonial period, before the American Revolution, the lottery was used to back some of the most prestigious universities such as: Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Dartmouth, and Princeton, it also was used to build churches, and libraries (Truitt, 1996).” After the revolution the frontier lifestyle began to take full effect. With Americans having a spiritual drive to move west and make their fortunes, gambling shared similar foundations: a spirit of adventure, opportunity, and risk taking. Riverboat gambling was soon to take form after this introduction to gambling in early colonial times.

“The first appearance of riverboat gambling began in the early 1800’s. The lower Mississippi Valley became a legitimate and organized enterprise. The Mississippi River and connected waterways were major avenues of trade and farmers and merchants and the riverboats carried passengers who had lots of cash (Clotfelter & Cook).” This line of travel consistently transported merchants and farmers leaving them vulnerable to the temptation taking risks with their newfound money.

The golden age for riverboat gambling occurred during 1840-1860. During

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