Why Gender Identity Matters In The United States

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Why Gender Identity Matters In today’s society people look past who someone really is. They only see what is on the exterior and not what is in the inside. What people do not know is how people who have trouble identifying their gender struggle through society. People who have this struggle in society struggle because people are not accepting of people who are different from the normal stereotypes of male and female. Therefore, society’s view on gender identity in the United States are causing people to be socially impaired, physical hardships, and poor mental health problems.
All throughout history people have been persecuted for expressing who they are and their gender. Most of these reasoning of persecution is what their religion says. …show more content…

It is simple for heterosexuals to pick which bathroom to go to, but for transgender person it “can become fraught with anxiety or even danger” (Windfield 107). The transforation from man to woman or woman to man for transgender people can make them “feel more whole or real” (107). One problem that we seem to miss is how homeless LGBT teens continue to rise in the United states because of how bold the this generation is becoming about their individuality (109). The main reason for them to physically leaving home and becoming homeless is because of the reactions their family and friends have when coming out as who they are. One of the biggest processes in showing your gender identity is how you look. Most of the time a person will change their haircut, remove bodily hair, take hormones to change their voice, chest, and breast. Most of the time before a sex change the person will “undergo hormone therapy” (“Gender Identity Disorder”) to help before they transition. The most important thing for the people who are changing for accepting their life choice to be who they are is that they are doing it because they want to change …show more content…

“One’s sense of gender resides in the brain” (“Gender Identity Disorder”), and this sense of gender is often there before you are born. Dr. Eric Vilain, a professor at the University of California, “identifies fifty-four genes that play a role in the expression of sex in a fetus before hormones are even released” (Windfeild 71&73). One of the biggest mental health issues that are out there is gender identity disorder which “may be as old as humanity (“Gender identity Disorder”). This disorder cause a person, normally a kid, to have a feeling of being the opposite sex . Another reason people need to be aware of people who have gender identity disorder is because if they feel as if they are not safe they may turn to a thing like suicide. “Suicide attempts and substance abuse are common” (“GID”) in people with Gender Identity Disorder. This is so because they often grow up feeling out of place or rejected by family and friends. To help with the mental health of these people with GID people should learn more about

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