Being A School Psychologist Means Interacting With Many Types Of People

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Being a school psychologist means interacting with many types of people. These people may be of a different race, culture, or religion. This means that a school psychologist must possess a high level of compassion and respect for everyone they meet. Anticipating becoming a psychologist I know that I must become comfortable around people who are different from myself. So, in order to expand my horizons, I decided to participate in something that I felt would make me a better listener and responder when the time came. In America, there is a growing population of students who are transgender so I decided that this is a community of people I wanted to learn more about. To achieve this experience, I decided to contact a former colleague who…show more content…
(Kenneth Merrell, 2012) Because the population of transgender students is so small, many professionals neglect to research and study the physical and emotional challenges of transgender students (many of whom remain hidden out of fear of rejection). Transgender students live in a world where they are made to feel isolated and rejected by their peers and society. Being African-American, I know that our culture doesn’t readily accept transgender people and we frown upon and ridicule a parent who allows their child to choose a different gender. When the situation arises where someone in our culture chooses to openly change genders we believe that it is a condition that will either pass or can be prayed away. This way of thinking forces our children’s worldview to be rooted in shame and embarrassment and they begin to feel “trapped in the wrong body” with no way out and no one to talk to. Their individual identity is questioned because they do not feel a part of any specific culture. Knowing that through the acknowledgement of a student’s identity, a school psychologist can avoid stereotyping them or approaching them in a stereotypical way, (Kenneth Merrell, 2012), it is important for transgender students to form a solid personal identity. However, so many transgender students feel like they don’t belong to any group of people and this is part of the reason why
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