Why Genealogy Is Important

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Every Christmas, me and the rest of my family always go to my great grandparents’ house and they make us a delicious breakfast. Then we all open presents from my grandparents, and the rest of the family open gifts. Every year it’s a tradition for my grandparents to give the grandkids nerf guns. My grandparents use to do it to my dad and uncle when they were little and are now passing it on to me and my brother. Genealogy is the history of life or family. Why is Genealogy important? Genealogy is important because you should know about your history or family. What is this paper about? This paper is about how I made mistakes in doing my genealogy research, and the ups and downs of searching of my ancestor.
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I had a lot of trouble on ancestry because I had to get there madden name. Searching was also hard because I had to get there last name before they got married. I got really flustered and angry when no one was showing up. Even my own parents weren’t showing up either! Not even my name, my brothers, or my sisters! So, searching made it very difficult to do my genealogy.
Finally, as a researcher I had to not give up I had to keep trying and keep doing my genealogy. I had also hit some “road blocks” while doing my genealogy research which made it even harder. But I had to use my detective skills in my research. In the end I think my research turned out to be somewhat successful.
In conclusion, this paper is about the steps and the process it took me to research my genealogy. One word that describes my experience is exciting, because I feel excited to learn about my history, and where I came from. This is important as well because, learning about where you came from, and your history are all important. One piece of advice is when you hit a road block or you can’t find what you’re looking for, stay calm. Nothing comes easy when you get mad or

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