Why Honduras Should Be Funded

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Imagine living without all the necessities for sophisticated life; no toothbrushes, no showers, no soft, fluffy beds. It isn’t pretty, is it? Well, projects to better the people of Honduras can be funded to give them the quality that humans deserve to make a living. For example, the average annual income of families of Honduras is less than six hundred dollars. Even government funded schools most children can’t afford to go to because of the cost of uniforms and school supplies. A reason that the people of Honduras should be supported is because the average annual income is around a meager 580 American Dollars. According to the CIA World Factbook, “Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Latin America and has the world’s highest murder rate.” This means that most Hondurans don’t have money to buy food, let alone personal transport, …show more content…

Honduras provides free public education through fifth grade, but sadly many students cannot attend due to the cost of school supplies and uniforms. Many projects funding Hondurans are for money to buy foodstuffs for re-sale.The people need the profit from selling these items to afford the cost of their children going to school. If their children can receive an education, they will be able to get better paying jobs, ending the poverty cycle in that family line. The last reason why we should contribute to funding for Hondurans is there is a high population growth rate and more people means more food is needed. Since the population growth rate is approximately 1.64% (estimated in 2016), this means more people in this country will need to find jobs or a way to get food and other necessities for their families. Many families have multiple children to help with farm work, so families keep getting bigger and bigger, meaning more food, so there is never an end to the continuous loop of struggles in their

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