Why I Absolutely Abhorred Reading

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Reading has always been something that always bothered me and always despised since it always made me feel stupid when trying to read and understand it before. I also despised it because of past experiences that made me hate and abhor reading even more. These two past experiences will explain why I absolutely abhorred reading, especially in the past since these two experiences have made the most impact in why I feel about reading.

Back in the 3rd grade, I was a great overall student in both class and in behavior, but the only obstacle that always got in my way to passing the final test was reading. Reading was the subject that I always struggled a lot, mainly because of these four reasons. Reason one is the fact that didn’t understand the language since I had to adapt and make a transition to Spanish to English for Spanish was my main language that I speak inside of school and at home which brings up my second reason. My second reason is also the fact is that I was born from parents who lived in Mexico. Being born from parents who were from Reynosa and both knew little to no English really gave me a disadvantage and also meant that my parents couldn’t help either so I was on my own basically. Third reason is that reading was a big and mandatory thing back in Ruben Hinojosa Elementary school. At that school, teachers had a system called A.R where you had to reach a certain amount of A.R. points, from reading and testing a lot of books, to get a separate

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