Why I Am A Baptist

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Clayton, I have been questioned by many in my life asking why I believe in God and why I am a Baptist. Both times I was asked, my response was explaining what Baptist beliefs are compared to the Bible and explaining what all I have learned from the bible as to why I believe there is a God. I also often wonder if I had not been brought up Baptist, would I believe differently. I think the possibility is strong.
Chad – as I read further into what I think the real meaning of ultimate concern; I think Tillich is saying whatever your ultimate concern is, you need to make it a priority to faithfully follow it. As for myself, my faith allows me to believe in God and worship him, for me to say it is my ultimate concern I would not be telling the truth. My ultimate concern would be for the people that do not believe in God.
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Tillich also stated that God and love are not two separate realities, but one in the same. To us, God is a gift, an experience which is ultimately meaningful to a good existence.
Tillich explains faith a belief and the ideas about faith usually found in the church. He describes faith as belief or the ultimate concern. In my opinion, he presumes that the church must define faith in the same manner as he does. I believe that the church looks as faith as a trust in the same manner as he does. I believe that the church looks at faith as a trust in God and that if we follow the laws of God, then we receive the ultimate reward. Faith in a deity must be on faith and faith alone.
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