Why I Am One In A Minion Analysis

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Why am I One In a "Minion"? Do I believe I am one in a "minion"? Mrs. Mayie believes I am one in a minion because I am smart, obedient and creative. Mrs. Mayie considers me smart because I do the majority of my work correctly and have a large vocabulary. Many people also believe I excel at computers and electronics in general. Although I'm only smart in a few subjects, they are considered useful and important. Mrs. Mayie thinks I am obedient because I do my work, don't talk in class and I try to follow the school rules. I try to do my work because I don't want to have to redo any papers and make even more work for myself. I don't talk in class because if I do not pay attention I'll be lost when I do the homework. I follow the school

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