Why I Am Researching A Construction Worker

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Kyle Smith
Mrs. Lozares
English II
15 February 2017
Construction Worker 1.The career that I am researching is a construction worker. I am interested in this occupation because ever since I was a little kid, construction seemed like it would be something that might be fun. It also would be cool to see a building slowly rise, or even fall. That is why I am researching a construction worker. 2.There are many responsibilities for this career. Those responsibilities consist of building, demolishing, cleaning an area for preparation of building something. You may also be digging holes or operating heavy machinery on this job. Some of the large machinery or tools that construction workers use are saws, drills, blowtorches and jackhammers. You …show more content…

9.There could be some specific abilities that can help you in this occupation. One of them could possibly be strength. This could be a quality that could help you because of the things you would have to lift on the job such as bags of concrete, or maybe some stones that need to be clear in order to start building. Another quality could be the knowledge to save money. There are positions for construction workers that are meant specifically to help the company that you are working for to save money. If you know ways to get around expensive things and get supplies or anything else that could be costly, then this would be a good position to have that knowledge. The ability to drive heavy machinery in this occupation would be extremely important for this occupation. The reason it would be so important for this type of career is because there is a lot of need for vehicles like this. These vehicles are used for all sorts of things in construction from digging holes, dumping dirt, transporting rocks or dirt to or from the construction site, and even pouring concrete. These are a few of the specific abilities that could help me on the job.
11.There are some limiting factors that go with being a construction worker. The first one is that there could be some long hours. Depending on how many workers, the project, and the weather, there could be some quite long hours involved in this type of job. Another limiting factor is the chance of a disease. There are many

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