Why I Am a Writer and an Artist

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I suppose I have always been an artist and a writer- I can’t remember a time where I wasn’t fascinated by sentences and colors. In the same way, I have always loved to learn. Yet it wasn’t until I was older that I realized the influence literature and art can have on the world, along with what an education can really be.
In my high school Gifted Education class we discussed ethics, science, politics, human identity, paradigms, and their problems. We eagerly debated solutions to these issues, bouncing ideas off each other and building on the ones that stuck. In those seminars, I realized that education could be about much more than memorizing enough facts and figures to graduate. It could be about exploring how the world and society works, cultivating creative and innovative new ideas, and delving into self-discovery and personal development. Education could open doors to more than just a job; it could be the key to having experiences, understanding the world, and connecting to society in ways I couldn’t without it. I just had to put into it what I wanted to get out of it.
Then one day, my father introduced me to TED Talks. I was captivated by the remarkable artists and writers who frequented the stage as featured speakers. Through their work they had established themselves as revolutionary thinkers, and now they were renowned speakers as well. Something about their work was deeply moving. It resonated with people.
Suddenly I realized that through my passions of writing and

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