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“Why I Write”
Writing has never really been a passion I possess. I wouldn’t go as far to say I hate it, but, I wouldn’t want to say I love it either. For some, writing is a way to escape their own messed up worlds and creates a new, it’s exciting, adventures, and daring, but, to me, writing is such a tedious task that I as a person do not have the patience to withstand. I haven’t always disliked writing; I actually use to enjoy getting all my thoughts down on paper and coming out with my own little masterpiece my parents could hang on the fridge and boast about to their friends. The worst/best paper I ever had to write was in fifth grade; I had to describe my top three very best friends in five paragraphs or more, then let my elbow partner grade it on a scale from 1-6 ( six being the best.) I put my all into that paper; it was going to be my best paper yet.
Getting organized to write a paper is the worst thing ever; the idea charts, the constant erasing, getting up repeatedly to sharpen my pencil. I remember writing this particular paper; I had just gotten to school and put my bag in my cubby hole. The first thing out of Mr. Leisch’s mouth (my teacher at the time) was, “today we are going to write for the entire day, we are falling behind in this subject compared to the other three classes and we need to practice.” As the rest of my peers groaned and bellyached I was thrilled, “today will be the day I write a six!” I told myself. As my teacher gave us our assignment and I

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