Why I Didn 't Know His Enemy

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Someone grabbed Rose hand and pull her into the empty Classroom B. Nathaniel found out that the disk was finally was taken to the secret organization. Rose stared with stern eyes and looked at Nathaniel. He had his hand on his forehead, with frustration ready to explode with anger. "How dare you do this? You say your on both side and all I see is you helping them." He angrily says knowing Rose lied to him again. Rose exhaled then pull out a drive and toss it to him, "Here you go! But it 's useless anyway. Nathaniel you can 't just pester me like Castiel, I 'm still Rose that you use to know. I can 't help you to stop the bad guy." Rose went toward the door hoping he doesn 't have anything else to say. He knows he is suppose to …show more content…

"So you are on my side?" He smiled. "As long if you keep my secret and I don 't leave." She frowned and cross her arms. Nathanial thought and see that her secret is important. He doesn 't want to lose her but if he tell his agency, how can he help her? "Fine, but why is it a big deal about your organization?" In a stubborn gentle tone, "Look I kept my secret for as long as I remember and I am still going to keep it. I 'm already scare that you and Castiel know my secret, the Clan might already send me to a different country. Please don 't tell anyone about me in the Clan or I 'll get punished." She turned white for a second then returned to her original color. Nathanial got scared of her face when she turned white, "I promise I won 't tell but, turn the Clan in so they can 't hurt you." "Nathaniel it isn 't like when your father abused you and you didn 't tell the service. You just move out and it was better well there is no running away for me. The police and even the government can 't do anything; the Clan is powerful you can 't beat them we 're everywhere. Like they say if you can 't beat them join them. Look, it just they been on my tail lately because I didn 't get the disk soon enough so it not safe." "They cannot be that powerful what ever is on this

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