Why I Hate Christmas Essay

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Why I hate Christmas

“I despise Christmas and I always will!” ---this was a common monologue I had with my lonely self around this time of year. I continued on my daily evening saunter, in the bitter, cold air, gazing at the children on the other side of the fence playing outdoors in the mounds of white snow. Joyously appearing as if layering ten garments for the sake of stepping outside was to be fun. I would like to believe that I do not envy the children with happy childhoods and amorous families, but I know dejectedly, I still do. You could call me a “Grinch” during this time of year I guess. But overall, I find the holiday of Christmas extremely irritating and obnoxious. I returned to my desolate “room” that I have had to call my home for the last couple of years, but I presume I would have no choice. Lonesome, once …show more content…

I had had a very wonderful dream that night. I was a child once again, filled with bliss and contentment. My entire family and I were all together having a splendid time at Central Park on Christmas Eve. We were all together singing Carols, building snow men, and opening gifts together… I don’t remember the last time I saw my family. Sad, but I guess better for me at the same time. My family members were not the best people, I guess you could say, but somewhere in my heart I know I still love them. I look around my cage at plain concrete walls. Steel bars, doors, and a toilet. It’s all a man needs, right? How I have endured this same, drab room for all this time and not gone crazy I would really like to know. I look over at my calendar hanging by the window. It’s Christmas Eve once again. People are elatedly rushing around malls picking out last minute Christmas gifts to put a smile on children’s faces. While I’m here… isolated… staring out the small, spherical window in my cell, struggling to remember how life was back when I was

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