Why I Should Be Selected As An Orientation Coordinator

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There are a couple of reasons why I believe I should be selected as an Orientation Coordinator. As a graduate of the University of Houston, I have a wealth of knowledge on topics like on-campus resources, school traditions, and off campus life. In addition, as an individual who is involved in multiple organizations, I could provide new students with information on organization of their interest and direct them to other who may have more information on the matter.

During our orientation, one of the biggest things I noticed was the wide range of people in my class. Some individuals were very outgoing while others seemed very shy and refrained from interacting or even asking the questions they had. My main goal would be to find a way to …show more content…

To begin, both of these positions have required the ability to work in a team dynamic in order to reach our goals. Specifically, I learned how to adapt and take into consideration different personalities, schedules, and ideas. Secondly, I learned how important communication is when trying to execute the task at hand. In my time as Historian and Subcommittee member, I have seen examples of both good and bad communication methods and how it affected the teams end result. Another aspect that I have gained from my time in these positions is presentation skills. Having worked on various posters, slogans, and newsletters has helped me build on my aesthetic and writing presentation skills.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say my people skills are at an 8. At the beginning of the school year, I would say that my people skills would have been lower. I believe that I have improved on this mainly because of my leadership positions. As the historian of SNPhA, I communicated with my executive team and members on a regular basis. In addition, serving as the promotions team for the National Diabetes Initiative for SNPhA has allowed me to work with people across the nation.
Public Speaking:
By nature, I have always been a bit shy and in the past it has been something that kept me from speaking in large public settings. With that in mind, I have

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