An Emerging Student Affair Professional

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Introduction and Overview of Interviewee As an emerging student affair professional, it is important for me to invest time into learning about professionals in the field and learning how they navigated being a new professional. I was partnered with Elizabeth Bledsoe, who graduated from the HESA track program in 2013. She is currently the Assistant Director for the Office of Institutional Assessment at Texas A&M, in College Station, Texas. Her office works with all forms of assessment at the university and these main areas are; learning outcome, student support, academics, and curriculum. Elizabeth is specifically in charge of the communication between the different colleges, focused around accreditation and curriculum. Elizabeth said her position is especially important considering Texas A&M is part of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) and it is a strict accreditation body. Main Discussion and Take Always Elizabeth and I spent a portion of the interview talking about her past and why she ended up at the University of Iowa. She told me how she was involved with orientation after her first-year due to staying on campus for a summer class. She talked about how she grew to love student affairs and kept moving up with orientation, eventually becoming an orientation leader and training the next group or orientation students. She told me about her interview and how it was between the University of Iowa and Penn State. One element
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