Why I Should Start Over The Family Crisis

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There are moments in life when important decisions are made which greatly impact and shape one’s life. I still remember mine as if it were yesterday. The day when my father decided to finally pay me a visit. It was just another hot and humid summer day in Vietnam. The day when my conversation with father got me leaving my past behind and came to the decision that I should start over again in America. On that day, I realized how proud my family was of me before the family crisis, how the crisis has haunted me, and how the conversation with my dad along with my family’s support got me back up to face the reality once again. “It has been a year already, huh?” – I thought to myself as I took a sip of the cold coffee from a corner of my favorite café shop which was located about twenty blocks away from home. One year since the day I decided to give up trying to make something out of myself in the foreign land and moved back to Vietnam to live with my family. Australia was a land of opportunities where hard work is actually paid off. On the other hand, Vietnam was not much so due to its status of being a developing country. I have spent a third of my life studying abroad in Australia and I was sure of how proud my family was of me. I was an all-rounded college student, who was able to work and afford rent and food without family’s support. Being an international student was not an easy job when everything was expensive, especially the ridiculous university tuition fee. I still…

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