Why I Want To Be A Clarinet

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One of my main passions in life is music. But I haven’t always been sure that music is the right choice for me. Multiple times since I picked up a clarinet for the first time in fifth grade, I have doubted that I should continue in my school's band program. It was challenging, time consuming, and after all, I didn’t want to play clarinet in the first place. I originally wanted to play the flute, but that dream was quickly shot down during my instrument fitting. It was suggested that I try my hand at clarinet since it appeared to come more naturally to me. So after some deliberation and coaxing from my family, I took the plunge. I had no way of knowing much of an impact that small decision would eventually make on my life. I attend a small…show more content…
I have been turned down spots for solos and symphonic bands. Early on, I struggled to make friends with others. During my freshman year I labored to learn our high energy marching and parading style. Multiple times I wanted to quit and throw in the towel. I thought because I wasn’t “the best” that I shouldn’t continue with band. But my gut told me to stick with it. I began to practice more often, not just music, but marching, and parading as well. I began to receive tutoring lessons from one of my directors. I slowly but surely began to make friends with those around me. Before every audition, I spent more time than the last honing my skills. I aspired to improve. Not before long my efforts started to pay off. From year to year, I drastically improved my musical and marching ability, while making friends that will last a lifetime. As time went on I began to realize just how valuable an education in music is and how much of a fool I would have been to throw it away. If I would have ended up quitting band I would have become a completely different person. I would have lost much more than I would have gained and my life would be forever
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