Why I Want To Be A President

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If I had the chance to speak to Mr. Donald Trump, the president himself, I would ask him so many questions. I have planned out what I would ask a president, or any famous figure for that matter, already. It might seem strange but I like planning for things I wouldn’t think would happen because you always got to expect the unexpected, right? The question I would ask him first is if he liked being the president. It might be a crazy question because being the president seems pretty cool, until you grow up, at least in my case, but you never know just because someone is president doesn’t mean they necessarily like the job. As a kid I always thought the president was pretty much a king and could do whatever they wanted to and rule the country, but that is not the case, I never looked deep into being a president and everything that comes with the job. …show more content…

You’re not making decisions for yourself but for an entire country, an entire country that is depending on the president. You have people who don’t like you and people who do and people who just don't care. Your life is more public and you have people with you or around you 24/7, and you don’t want to make the country mad and revolt, which is probably very unlikely, but when you tie in all those factors it makes wanting to be the president not so fun anymore. It has to be a very hard job and I would like to know how someone like Trump handle all of that pressure. It must be intense! After breaking the ice with a somewhat easy answer I would then get into his political race with opponent Hillary Clinton. I would ask if he felt though as he was going to lose against her and what it was like going against

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