Why I Want To Go To College Essay

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The average net worth of Forbes 400 members with no college degree is 6.6% higher. However, there is tremendous pressure on kids to go to college. The reason for that is because that is all their parents have hoped for their entire life as a parent where their kids are concerned. They want to see their kids get a college degree so it's easier for them to make it in this world. However, at the end of the day it is the kid's life. If he/she doesn’t want to go to college and they instead want to get a job right out of high school the parents should be nothing but supportive.

There are a few choices in your life that are huge and will impact your life in a big way, and you should be the one making those decisions. There is a lot of pressure on kids to go to college after high school because they've been …show more content…

However, there are plenty of options to choose from without a college education. There won't be as many choices, but still plenty. One of the options is the military, which offers you a free education among other benefits. There are more options such as factories, and places to get qualification for jobs.

There are many people with above average jobs with no college education. They do it by starting with a small job and gaining experience in the workforce. Jobs are willing to hire someone with no college education if they are experienced and qualified.

College educations are huge for kids, there is no arguing that. However, they shouldn’t feel as if they must have one to survive, there are plenty of options. They certainly increase your chances of landing a good job, but with qualification and/or experience they aren't required. I think it is right for parents to put a little bit of pressure on their kids to get a good education, but they should put themselves in the kids' shoes and realize that maybe they're trying to do something else with their

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