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Walla Walla University 1 TUITION
The tuition and fees at Walla Walla University are the same no matter if you are on campus, off campus, or living at home. Rooms and board will obviously vary because of your location, but books and supplies, are the same and living expenses vary, yet again from location. The tuition for in-state and out-of-state students is the same, you know which is nice if you are wishing to come from Oregon. On Campus Off Campus At Home Out-Of-State
Tuition/Fees $25,377 $25,377 $25,377 $25,377
Room/Board $5,970 $6,420 $1,587 $5,970
Books/Supplies $1,125 $1,125 $1,125 $1,125
Est. Personal Expense $1,773 $1,773 $1,773 $1,773
Transportation Expense $1,425 $1,425 $1,425 $1,425
Total $37,670 $36, 120 $31,287 $37,670
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The top ten majors taken at WWU are, Bachelor’s: 21%Health Professions, 13%Business/Marketing, 13%Engineering, 6%Biology, 6%Education, 6%Foreign Languages and Literature, 5%Public Administration and Social Services, 5%Visual and Performing Arts, Associate: 50%Business/Marketing, 33%Visual and Performing Arts. The minimum requirements for attending WWU are: Need to have completed an SAT or ACT exam, Must have scored at least Above 450 in the separate areas of the SAT and at least a 21 on the compiled ACT exam, must have a 3.00+ GPA, and must have taken 4 yrs. Of English, 2 yrs. of History, 3 yrs. of Math, 2 yrs. of Science, and 2 yrs. of Science lab.
WWU offers the following Scholarships for merit depending on placing.
National Merit Scholarships Freshman Year Four-Year Award
Presidents Scholarship Tuition $24,360 $82,430
WWU Merit Scholarship $1,500 $6,000
WWU Merit Scholarship $1,000 $4,000
Walla Walla University has a retention rate of about 71.5% with 76.0% of starting freshman graduating in four to six years. And WWU has a graduation rate of about 59.3%. About 21.1% of freshman graduate in the first four years. And the last 48.8% graduating in six.

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Oregon Institute of Technology 1 TUITION
At OIT they change tuition based on, Resident, WUE, and NON-Resident. It is actually cost more to be a NON-Resident, then it is to be in the WUE program. The chart below

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