Why Is Allegory Considered The Golden Age?

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Allegory is a story or a poem that usually has a hidden message in it. Civilization proposed allegories for various reasons. Humans love telling stories. There were no Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook to save every single important moment of one’s life. The only way was to go on and share experiences with a friend, a family member or even a stranger. Different allegories made it seem as though life was much more pleasurable than it is now. It was considered the Golden Age. There are many allegories in religious texts and still today they are not fully misinterpreted. People believe that by doing what’s in these allegories literally then things will start to happen just like these allegories say, not realizing that there are hidden messages in them.…show more content…
Allegories were describing mostly the Golden Age. During the Golden Age, Kings or leaders were greatly appreciated much more and treated like Gods. The allegories were written with that mindset in mind. Today, religious leader such as the Pope take advantage of these messages. Commoners would fall into this mindset aswell because they would believe in a better life for themselves. It allowed them to believe that their own God was good, such as Maheo who said, “What good is Power...if it is not used to make a world and people live in it?” ” (Marriott, Rachlin 11). This demonstrated a kind God during a great time. These kind of allegories allowed people to really believe them more and benefit from
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