Why Is Bottled Water Better Than Tap Water

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When you think of the word emergency the first thing you think of is danger, emergencies can come in all forms rather that be a hurricane, tornado, tsunami or something even worse. In these emergencies you need provisions and the first one that you need is bottled water, bottled water is the absolute best thing to have with you in the case of a dangerous situation. Bottled water has a longer shelf life than tap water which makes for better storage in preparation for something like a hurricane. Bottled water is also easier to access than tap water when filtration systems fail in big cities and small cities alike. These two reasons are only a few of the many as to why bottled water is better to use rather than tap water. Bottles of water sit on store shelves, counter tops, even on the floors of a house, water bottles are everywhere. They wouldn’t simply set their if they were going bad now would they? No they wouldn’t, bottled water doesn’t have an expiration date. On fine packaging water bottles do have a date on them that most mistake for a expiration date but is actually a quality date. According to Benjamin Radford’s…show more content…
You call someone to come and fix it right. You don’t want to drink dirty water, but if a cities filtration system were to fail they would try to get the word out as fast as possible. Yet no matter how hard they try to get the word out people still drink the dirty water and when they find out about they don’t want to drink it. The human body can only go so many days without water, so while the tap water is out what will you do? Drink bottled. Bottled water is easy to find at a local store like Walmart, Winn Dixie or even a gas station, which thus is making it far more accessible in times of need. Bottled water also is way cheaper than trying to hire a repairman to fix a tap, the average case of water cost a bare minimum of $4.93 which is really good when you think about
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