Why Is Catch Cold And Cold Season Essay

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Winter is here and almost everyone can catch a cold or flu. Some call it cold season, flu season, or even have it combined as flu and cold season. It doesn’t really matter what we call it. What’s important is staying healthy during cold and flu season. If you’re curious on how you could prepare for the full onslaught or actually when is cold and flu season, just keep on reading.

Most people tend to catch cold or flu because they are caught unawares that it’s already cold season or flu season. When is cold and flu season? You don’t really have to wait for when is the actual date of its arrival. When you start to feel it in your bones that it’s starting to get cold, start your preparations for staying healthy during cold and flu season. It’s better to start
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As stated by an article by, most people touch their faces at least once in every 4 minutes. This means that if you sleep for 8 hours, you touch your face around 400 times in a day. If you notice yourself rubbing your eyes, wiping your nose, touching your lips, or biting your nails, try to avoid doing so. If you continue on doing this without at least using a hand sanitizer, germs can directly enter your mucus membranes and even your respiratory system. You will then be more susceptible to illnesses during the flu season.

Flu Season Health Tips: Have Some Quality “You” Time

Find some time to relax from your hectic schedule. Doing so will yield to stress reduction, calming your mind, and improving the number of hours and quality of your sleep. This will prevent cold or flu sources from infecting your body by around 50%.

Qigong is a traditional Chinese health care practice that helps reduce a person’s stress levels, improve focus, and enhance general health. As reported by a new study, doing Qigong for at least once in a week can minimize respiratory infections from happening by almost 70%. This is definitely a good way of staying healthy during the cold
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