Why Is Communication Important For Managerial Success?

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Christian Worldview and Communication
Antonio Ramirez III
Wayland Baptist University, Texas

Christian Worldview and Communication
As a modern manager, does having a Christian worldview hinder or help communication? The following questions will be answered:
What is a Christian worldview on communication?
Why is communication important for managerial success?
What is the process, Purpose, and Barriers to success?
How is nonverbal communication expressed?
What impact does technology have on communication?
To integrate management and the bible alone is complicated to say the least. Given the complexity of the issues in management and economics …show more content…

Worldview is pluralistic. For example, Christians share much in common with each other, but each Christian sees business issues from a slightly different perspective.
Worldview guides social behavior? (Cafferky, 2012).
?There is no single Christian worldview. It is diverse. In addition, a worldview is always a work in progress. ?(Palmer, M.D. 1998).? The text goes on to say that worldview is ?something you are aware of only in moments of crisis or contemplation. In ordinary time, it is like a pair of glasses or contact lenses. You are so accustomed to looking through it that you barely notice it?s there.? (Bertrand, 2007). Elements of Christian worldview that are common to many Christian traditions include the belief that spiritual and material dimensions of life cannot be separated, holistic thinking. The standard is driven by the community?s interpretation of the bible. For managers attempting to maintain seamless integration between their faith and profession, one might say making adjustments in the complex world of management is a test of faith. Just as leaders in the bible are called to lead and challenged, managers must be tested in their work and their Christian beliefs.
Communication is communal by nature for four reasons. First, few things said or written can be kept a secret in a community. Eventually everyone will find out because people talk to each other. Second, commitments to each other are made in the

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