Why Is It Important?

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This whole concept seems rather grim, with a guarantee that if every American upgrades, no one really does. Shouldn’t each and every person be educated? Isn’t being an educated person so important that it can’t be lost? And won’t an entire country of educated people only improve it? Of course education is important, but people aren’t all going to learn the same way, or even the same things.The truth of the matter is that not every single person is going to be making six figures, and society needs all kinds of workers to properly function. The technicians, the electricians, the teachers, the actors, the mechanics, the lawyers, the plumbers, and even fast food workers contribute to society. Some people are natural leaders, and will more …show more content…

Work is not the be all end all for all people, and many people can hate their careers but still love life because they have more important things. The other solution, rather than to ‘downgrade’, is to even further ‘upgrade’. Master’s and Doctorate’s still remain to be uncommon due to the sheer amount of time and effort it takes to even get one. It goes even further though, as one of the best things someone can do is to specialize in an uncommon subset of their field. Such as instead of becoming a general doctor, go deeper and specialize in plastic surgery, or go even deeper and study facial reconstruction surgery to help people who have been in serious accidents. Because almost no one goes this deep into a field, there will be far more opportunities for work, and better pay for what they do. The first couple of years of college may be defunct, but putting in that extra time really does pay off as the more specific the study gets, the fewer people will pursue it, and the less competition there will be. Apart from solving the issues with paying for college for a nation and the problems that could potentially cause in the job market, there is still the issue of whether or not government involvement even offers any help to the problem with the cost of tuition. The reality may just be that government involvement, namely,

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