Why Is It Important?

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Let’s skip unnecessary, fluffy language for a moment and delve straight into (what I believe is) the “answer.” It’s arduous and seemingly impossible to grasp what the meaning of existence is because the question itself lacks a solidified foundation of authority. Why is it so important? Because we choose it, or at the very least, choose to assign it to our lives. Meaning is why our species has continued to thrive as long as it has. It yields a divine momentum and a rationalization to keep moving forward: intellectually, physically, and sometimes spiritually. We are creatures with an unbound sense for curiosity, reason, and connecting with those infinite pieces of the universe. Perhaps that is what separates us from other animals; a …show more content…

We are social creatures by nature, and without social structures like families it would be hard to define if there truly was a purpose without it. Breaking down the image of human existence revolves around connecting with the coexisting creatures encompassing our life, if not emotionally, at least biologically. The meaning behind human existence functions in the way that it does because our society and its components react similarly to that of strategic, clockwork machinery; each proponent (person) acting out its own distinct purpose. Which follows with the latter, emphasizing the world behind our eyelids: the ego, intellect, one’s own spirit. Our own existence is so defined by internal excavation of the self, as well as understanding our true individualistic nature and what that propels us into the inevitable conclusion that sums up one’s entire life. Attending to the difference in questions proves to be difficult because it brings to light whether we should define meaning by our own experiences or through the avenue of our species as a whole. Human meaning digresses back into the questions regarding the laws of nature. If humans have some sort of applied meaning, then why shouldn’t animals? We are in a constant state of evolution. Is meaning simply an extension of that? If given the time and space to advance themselves, couldn’t all species at some point be able to provide

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