Why Is It Important To Have Homework In College

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In High School, your parents were always there to see that you succeeded and accomplished your goals. As soon as you arrived home from school, your parents would ask how your day was and following that question was if you had any homework. At that time, you would be instructed to complete it. If you dared to ignore their warning, you may risk getting all of your privaledges taken away until you complied. So you you preceeded to do your homework. While you completed your homework, you silently wished that you had the freedom to do as you pleased. In College you have the freedom to make all the decisions in your life. There is no one there breathing down your neck to make sure you completed your homework. No one to take away your belongings as collateral. You are on your own. For many first time students, this is a terrifying thought. Many feel that the requirement to live on campus is a terrible …show more content…

Parents are there to lead and to mentor, but as we all know, they won't be there forever. So when is a good time to learn to live without them, sooner, or later? Many first-year college students would immediately choose sooner, but when it really comes down to it, they are fearful of the outside world.The fear of starting over without the help of your parents seems terrifying. Thats why I see it to be beneficial for the requirement for students to live on campus for their first year.

In college, students are not utterly alone. They have many resources avalable to seek out for help. There are staff and faculty who understand what it is like to feel alone, because at one point, they were on their own too. They have devoted their time to ensure that the students are comfortable and encourage them to make the right decisions. So in a way the staff and faculty are like parents. They care for the well being of the student body which is a good asset to have in the "real

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