Why Is It Important To Have Salary Caps In Professional Sports

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Money is limited. One can only buy what one has enough for. People must be efficient with their money. One must fill all of their needs. Similar to this situation, owners of professional sports teams can only buy players they have enough money for. Salary caps are placed on players based on skill level and value. This could be based off of various influences such as location, fan base, concessions sold, and much more. When some teams get more money than others, those teams get stacked with great players that lead the teams to victory. However, some complain that they don’t have a lot of money, and state that that is the reason they don’t have a good team. Therefore, the issue of salary caps, has two sides. Although salary caps could be abused …show more content…

Athletes in professional sports get paid a lot of money to play for famous teams. Because they want more money, they are motivated to play better. When they do play better, they get more money. For example, rookies, players that are new to the game, aren’t paid much. However, they want more money to support their life, so they practice more and train to be much more skilled. Coaches then realize they will soon want more money as the years go by. Athletes practice with their team every week, and do the drills that the coaches pick to do. If players don't get better from this, they need to practice on their own time. “It's up to the execution from the athletes” (Neiburg). This shows that athletes must be self motivated. Most of them are, when they aren’t paid much. Most veteran athletes that are already skilled have a high payroll - because of salary caps. Since it is usually cap prohibitive to release a player that gets a significant signing bonus with this model, some teams are willing to include roster bonuses due in the first couple of days of the second contract year (Corry). This illustrates that salary caps don’t allow players to be released right away. So, the player will get more practice with the team, and have more chances after a bad season or two. Even if a player eventually does get released, they wouldn’t be happy, but they’d be self motivated to practice as much as they can to get back on a team. Critics of this idea say that the only way players got into a professional sports league is because they are skilled, and already practiced a lot. Teams are also only looking for skilled players in certain positions they need. However, the reason teams need new players in those positions is because the players that are already in those positions have weaknesses. Since there isn't any signing bonus proration, teams have more cap

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