Why Is It Possible To Replace The Sopwith Pup?

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The Sopwith Pup was becoming obsolete, but to replace it, an airplane would have to beat it in speed and maneuverability. This was no easy task, the Pup was one of the fastest, tightest turning aircraft available. Engineers at Sopwith originally created another plane similar to the Pup, but then added another wing to give the pilot a better view, and increase maneuverability and climb rate. The result was the Sopwith Triplane, having a top speed of 117 miles per hour, six mph faster than the Pup had, it was one of the fastest planes in the skies . It's power came from a nine cylinder Clerget rotary engine that produced 130 horsepower, a great improvement over the Sopwith Pup's 80 horsepower . Many pilots shied away from it, suspicious
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