Why Is John Stuart Mill Not Looking For Happiness

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In this article John Stuart Mill’s says that don’t try be happy do the opposite but is he right and how does he know this?John Stuart Mill’s Thinks this way because according to him that’s one way he finds happiness by looking for unhappiness.I strongly agree on John Stuart Mill’s argument that we should not search for happiness because if we search to be happy we might never find it. Happiness could not be found if u look for it. I think this way because if u looking for happiness u might look for it at the wrong places.The way i think is that u could not spend your time trying to find happiness and let it come to you.A way u could find happiness is by making other people happy by helping out the community and you might feel happy.…show more content…
That is why i agree with John Stuart Mill’s argument to not look for happiness.He is right happiness can be found by making other people happy.Here a message from me dont look for happiness let come your way buy helping out and making other
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