Why Is Life Important In Life Essay

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Having good character in life is important because, good character helps you succeed better in life, it helps you see the world different, your mistakes, your failures, it helps you stay committed to your values and goals. It's a foundation for happiness throughout your life. To have good character you must have surpassed these six traits, caring, respect, fairness, citizenship, responsibility and trustworthiness. Caring is when you put other people first you show them compassion and kindness, this is a trait a lot of people have issues with, not all people are cold hearted and heartless but there's a majority of people who are, but they don't know they are, it's just the way they were raised, maybe they had a horrible start to their life …show more content…

Respect is another good trait you should have in your everyday life, to treat people, property, etc in a dignified matter. Respect basically means for you to treat others the way you want to be treated, if you show respect to someone else you will receive respect in return. Fairness is another trait that should be something you should include in your life because Fairness is what makes up relationships throughout your life, if you are treating people equally and you're not discriminating than your more likely to have better relationships with other people who maybe a different race or sex etc. So always treat everyone equal and with equity. Citizenship is another major trait a person can show “good character” to in their community, if you obey the laws and you care about your city and try to help out then you are showing your community that you care and you want to contribute to your society and the people within it. Responsibility is a huge trait that someone should include in their lifestyle and in general, Responsibilities can be in your everyday life within your education, family, work etc. You wanna show that you can be responsible in all actions and decisions you make in

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