Why Is Lust Always A Bad Thing

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In this day and age lust is seen everywhere to movies, books, advertisement, and even people on the streets. It is as if people don’t know lust is one of the seven deadly sins. When people think of lust they think of sexual desire. But it’s not always the case. It can also be a desire of money and power. But the question is, how long has lust been going on? Is lust always a bad thing? How do we see lust in everyday life? Lust isn’t always sexual desire towards humans. According to author Jason Gonderman, in his article Diesel lust he states, “My lust is of a simpler type, maybe a little exotic, and definitely a bit Ford biased, but it’s what I daydream about, and this is a safe a place as any to talk about it.” He feels lustful towards a good
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