Why Is My Mother Feel Essay

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The most sensitive feeling for many people is about family. Parent is the first true love for someone, but parents can make their child feels frustration. One of my family members who made me feel frustration is my mother. My mother is the only person who I was concerned about her. Because she doesn’t work; therefore, she doesn't have money for take care of herself. Then my grandparent gives money for every single month, but she is 50. This is the cause that made her daughter feel frustration. My mother cares only about herself. When I was in Thailand, my mother didn’t come to see me very often. When I was young, my mother often disappointed about I didn’t call her. In general, I didn’t have money to call her because I was young. In my opinion, if she wants to talk to me, she wouldn’t wait for me to call her. When I met her, she would talk only about herself. For example, when meeting someone, the most question that many people ask is asking about their life, but my mother never ask us. My mother was living in the same city as I, but she never come to my aunt’s house for taking care of us. Because my mother and my aunt are discording since I recognized. My aunt was taking care almost everything about us. Since my sister and I were young, we didn’t have any problem to bother my mother. Even …show more content…

My mother is a person who uses insulting language to everyone. When we are talking, it is not going well. She usually said, “I don’t have children because their aunt take care of them then they only love their aunt.” She said it to me then she was crying to me. After, she was crying, she said to me that she wanted me to buy a pizza and coffee for her. I was confuse because I didn’t know that she was cry is true or not. It was the first frustrating feeling. I heard that sentence from my mother who I didn’t saw her for 2 years. It feel like the glass falling down to the floor then

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