Obesity : The Obesity Epidemic Essay

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Despite the overwhelming evidence that Americans are among the most overweight across the globe, this issue is constantly ignored. We hear about obesity being one of the most prevalent issues in America yet through the years this issue seems to worsen. Although Obesity may not be taken seriously by many, it is one of the leading health issues in America today.
Many don’t understand the causes of this obesity epidemic, but being educated on this topic is the best way to prevent and control this issue. A recent study from the Nation Center for Health Statistics show that nearly one third of the United States (adults 20 years of age and older) are obese. That’s over 100 million people just here in the United States. Among the children, 21 percent of teenagers are considered to be obese. According to John Hopkins University, being obese doesn’t just mean being overweight but also causing more critically health issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, bladder diseases, arthritis, sleep apnea and some cancers.
This issue stems from two different causes, eating too much and not exercising enough. Although some may argue that genetics play a role in obesity, when it comes to weight, one has the power to change their physical appearance. Working out and exercising is a lifestyle that one must become accustom too. However, what we put in our body is something that we may not have full control over. One of the reason why Americans are

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