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Obesity Prevention Policies in U. S. States and Localities: Lessons from the Field
Tiarra Williamson
Tennessee State University Topic The article reviews peer reviewed scientific U.S. based literature to examine the state laws and local policies and the impact of the public policy strategies on schools and other environments, individual activity and nutrition related behaviors and obesity and weight outcomes (Chriqui, 2013). However, the studies that were used and have been used, focus primarily on the school environment and the influence of physical education and physical activity policies as well as food and beverage policies. The author used several studies, to observe implementation and the influence of the policies stated …show more content…

Theoretical assumptions
Policy Implementation Studies These studies observed physical activity policy implementation and barriers that were associated. For example, laws in Mississippi and Tennessee focused on increasing physical activity in high school through physical education requirements. These schools did not implement the laws due to barriers. Some implementation barrier was standardized testing was a priority, the focus was on varsity sports, constraints on resource, and the fact that principals had to focus on or prioritize certain policies over others. Association with Youth Obesity These studies observed state physical education laws and its effect on youth obesity. The researcher found that obesity in youth where higher in states that had strong laws that had recess required time in middle and elementary schools and those who strengthen laws for more qualified physical educator staff and physical education curriculums standards. In conclusion to this study the authors found that states with larger youth obesity rates strengthened their laws for physical education (Chriqui, 2013).
Association with Snack Food and Beverages Environment These studies observed the impact that policy had on changes of snack food and

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