Why Is Ownership An Illusion?

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80. Why Is OWNERSHIP An Illusion?
• Owning things becomes something unreal, not fundamental or stable. Something that LIFE itself to the very highest degree works AGAINST. It will be clearer to human beings that nothing material in the absolute sense can be anyone’s private possession. In addition, per example, ‘owning’ marriage partner is an illusion – no can be sure that partner won’t end up falling in love with another and become ‘unfaithful’. Denying a divorce won’t change anything. Further, we even do not own our own organism we received it at one point and will keep it until it suffers a total electrical collapse, and withdrawal of both ‘day consciousness’ and ‘I’ from it. In between, we must maintain certain minimum condition to keep the organism out of the zone of mental and/or physical illnesses.
• We Have Absolutely Nothing At All Time & Space Dimensional That Is or Can Become Our Property. Everything is in TRANSIENT stage, meaning has to be returned to Nature, where it belongs as part of eternal recycling of physical and non-physical ‘substances’. So, The Cycle brings it to us, then must bring it back to Nature. Christion funeral ceremony unconsciously refers to that cycle principle by parable, ‘You have come from the earth, you will become earth, and from earth, you will rise again’. We borrow a new organism from the earth in ‘substance’ terms and must give it back…
 One of the greatest steps forward in life is full intellectualization and internalization of the…
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