Landscape Architecture Essay

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Why is research an integral part of landscape architecture?
This semester we tried to learn and discuss the influence of research work in landscape architecture design. Landscape architecture is becoming more and more important in people’s daily life today and it is essential for us to have a good awareness of how research work would affect landscape architecture design. I will illustrate this point from three parts: (1) why is research an integral part of landscape architecture? (2) what roles do it fill? (3) how will landscape architecture be impacted by over the fifty years as a result of landscape architecture research?

First of all, a successful landscape architecture design work is not only based on designers’ design technique and talent, information about the site and guideline of the design process are also important issues. Evidence-based design is an ideal example of landscape architecture design today, which is a theory emphasizing credible evidence to influence design work. It is vey popular in healthcare field and designers try to perfect their work by credible information. So, information is really important in landscape design today. Our world is full of information and information is really easily acquired today by internet. Information is essential for our design work. While, not all of information we collected is true. So, research work is becoming more and more important for us to collect credible information.

Research work is a process to look for

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