Why Is The Supreme Being?

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Step 2: Believing in a Supreme Being Please pause for a moment, and picture in your mind the washed away remnants of what used to be a small city; it is rather difficult to recognize from all the earthquake rubble and debris that there once was a town here. Bits and pieces of what used to be homes are now scattered from one end of the view to the other. A gloomy haze of dust, smoke and ash has recently enveloped over the entire countryside. Sounds of screaming, yelling and crying are bombarding one’s hearing senses; a smell of unbelievable human decaying stench is so over whelming, the odors stimulate the gag reflex and tear ducts to produce endless retching and a cleansing wash of foul air from one’s eyes. Hungry ownerless dogs are …show more content…

You watch as Good-Samaritans carry dying victims to safety and see others walking aimlessly among dead corpses “wailing” in search of loved ones. A religiously minded person may stop and think; “where is God in all of this?” Or, a person may have their atheistic belief strengthened that there is no such thing as a Supreme Being, for if there were a God, they would never allow this to happen to their Earthly children. Either way, your faith is about to be tested way beyond your capability to understand. At this point, the emotional destruction of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) is settling down in your soul; it is wreaking havoc upon what is left of your every emotional stability. Unless, you have an unshaking, unswerving belief and testimony in God, you will inevitably falter (terrybroadwater, 2013) See figure III. a b c

(d) Figure III, a,b,c,and d are courtesy of the World Health Organization
(Victims of the Haitian Earthquake and Tsunami)

Experiencing these kinds of overwhelming disasters will tear anyone emotionally apart, especially if they are not psychologically ready to handle such sights, sounds and smells (Solomon, Berger, & Ginzburg, 2007). These kinds of places leave no room for doubt; no suspicious reservation that God does not exist. One must believe there is a God given reason why all things happen, why death is just another important step in the eternal process of living, why death is simply

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