Why Is This Important?. As A Car Guy It Pains Me Much To

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Why is this Important?
As a car guy it pains me much to say this, but most people see a car or vehicle as mostly just a form of transportation to get them from point a to b. For the most part, if it wasn’t for tripwires like engine, oil, brake, and battery alerts from the vehicle. People likely would just autopilot and drive it till it broke down, instead of taking proper precautions and maintenance. As much a travesty I find this to be, I’m not all that surprised. For the average driver, the vehicle just works and to their knowledge and needs this is good enough. The user likely isn’t aware of tripwires that a knowledgeable person would be aware of like when the brakes are beginning to wear or when a cylinder has misfired. Thankfully, the
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With that said, setting up these tripwires can be a challenge in themselves. We have to go through the effort of identifying where these tripwires need to be placed. Then not only place them and make sure they stay mentally. But also, we have to make the tripwire itself and decide what it’ll be. It’s an entire process, necessitating the work and effort to complete it.
How Could you apply this to your life?
I’m a bit torn with this one because I like to think I already use something similar to this. For myself, I typically go with limits for the things I do. If the situation ever leaves or differs from the limit or range I have for it, then I snap out of things. When this happens, I no longer consider the situation to be one I’ve previously encountered and as such shouldn’t autopilot on. To a degree it’s a lot like tripwires, and they seem to go for similar end goals. Actually, now that I consider it I think my limits might actually be a tripwire. Moving on, even with the limits there are still situations where I’ll think it’s fine but shouldn’t autopilot in. Tripwires in a style mentioned in the book should help with that. In addition, the tripwires could work alongside limits by working as triggers for each other. I’ll have to experiment with it, but I think the tripwires can see regular usage with me.

Why does this topic matter?
Let’s reuse the car story from earlier, you drive a car that doesn’t have any warning

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