Why Is To Kill A Mockingbird Still Relevant

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This year is the 56th year to Kill a Mockingbird has been available. Many scholars question Whether or not To kill a Mockingbird is a still a relevant book. But, with recent racist events like police brutality to kill a mockingbird is a relevant book with great morals It's a great lesson for students and is great discussion for kids with their parents.

To kill a mockingbird has a wise man named atticus finch That has morals that a lot of people could learn from who is defending tom robinson an african american man who is accused of rape. Threw event that happen with scout she turns to her father for advice the advice he gives has something everyone can use to benefit themselves atticus says that “ You can never understand some one tell you walked in their shoes.” This is great for everyone to learn because it shows empathy for others and to treat people the way you want to be treated. Atticus's …show more content…

The book to kill a mockingbird is a Great book and movie for kids and family and has great lesson for parents to discuss with their kids. However many claim that that atticus was a racist but he still was pushing equality and that was in the second by Harper lee. Author Margot Stern Strom says “ There are topics here for families to discuss that are as timely today as they were fifty years ago.”This quote means that the context of the book mean that is still relevant to today's. All in all to kill a mockingbird can help out teach kids what the past was like back then.

With recent events that happen with police and the black lives matter movement books like to kill a mockingbird can cause change for the better Becuase when to kill a mockingbird was released in the 60 it opened up new perspectives for others to make change . Now with racism in today we need this book to help change perspective and learn from the

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