Why Is Torture Unethical

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In regards to a bill that was introduced to Congress forbidding the use of tactics defined by torture; The United States government must consider all of the ethical options and possibilities they have. It is known across the world that torture is morally unethical. It is also known that allowing innocent civilians to be murdered is against every moral we, as humans possess. As morally just people we have to find the exceptions in which we are willing to use torture in countering terrorism. As leaders of the free world our government has the responsibility to do everything in their power to protect the innocents of the world and gain the needed information to do so. Winning this war on terror will occasionally come at a high cost, leaving no choice other …show more content…

Terrorism is despicable from any angle it is seen through whether that be morally, ethically or logically. As stated by Aristotle, “equals should be treated equally and unequals unequally” (Velasquez, et al. 1996). Terrorists are not equal to innocent children or to innocent men and women and they should not ever be treated as our equals. Leaders cannot put civilians on the same level as terrorists because the latter has given up their right to be treated fairly as a human when they decided to kill as if they are animals. When a terrorist decides to bomb a city and kill millions of innocents they are giving up the right to a fair approach. When deciding to use torture as a counter terrorism act, the known terrorists withholding information should be the only that are tortured. A terrorist that is clearly knowledgeable about threats and future events is not being tortured by unfair terms and the information gained from this torture could protect not only the terrorist’s enemies but also the people of the terrorist’s

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