Why Is Welfare Necessary?

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There has been much speculation over the past years as to whether Welfare is even necessary, and with the large list of people who benefit from it growing every day, the answer some state legislatures give is not eliminating Welfare, but rather tweaking the rules a little bit. This all started in 2011, it was proposed at the Florida, Missouri and Arizona State Legislature. These state legislatures proposed for the people who receive Welfare be tested on a regular basis. (Finzel) I believe that although it may seem like a morally great idea, it is something difficult to accomplish; considering all of the people on Welfare that would have to be tested and the money that would go into them being tested. Not just that, the children that would be affected if their parents failed the test. Taking that all into consideration puts me on the fence with this issue.…show more content…
In reducing the amount of people on Welfare it would be a huge tax reduction for many tax payers. A big problem that happened at the start of the year in 2015 was the lack of people looking for jobs. All the baby boomers from the 1970s were retiring at the masses and younger people are opting to educate themselves rather than work. (Soergel) So, a lot of high entry level positions were available, but with no one to fill them. And with this new regulation it would put a lot of people outside of Welfare and out looking for new jobs, in return helping the
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