Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

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Valid Argument? You Must Be High

It seems as though everyone has their own opinion when it comes to the legalization of marijuana. The question spans all age groups, races, and religions. You will hear different answers from individuals under each group. Some view the use of the substance as a sin and believe that the use should be a crime and others view it as a freedom that each citizen should be granted. Marty Nemko, a Ph.D. holding, education evaluation specialist, says otherwise. In his article published by TIME magazine, Nemko goes into details as to why he believes legalizing marijuana will have far more consequences than it does reward. His points seem as though they would be valid, however his argument is stretched and very weak. Nemko uses irrational logic, slanted, biased data, and opinion based assumptions to attempt to persuade readers to join his cause. At first glance, Nemko’s article seems as though it is full of logical reasons as to why marijuana should stay illegalized in the United States. The problem lies in his arguments. One of Nemko’s main points of emphasis is what the drug would do to children. If his argument was against the legalization of marijuana for all ages, this would have sound reasoning. However, Nemko is not arguing this proposal. The argument in discussion is to legalize marijuana for adults, and Nemko argues for a large portion of his paper about a group of people who will not be affected by the law. Nemko makes the assumption that

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