Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

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Marijuana can be used to make a difference

In today’s society, marijuana is used for many different reasons. Marijuana is a plant that is known as cannabis, weed, pot, hash, grass and dope. This type of drug is popular all over the country therefore, the intake of marijuana should be taken, very seriously. Regardless, how weed makes a person feel, it comes with positive effects as well as negative outcomes. Without a doubt, smoking marijuana or eating the drug will affect people’s behavior. Individual’s find themselves at home feeling relaxed or have problems concentrating, which can lead to poor grades. The main point is, when people are feeling relaxed, they are still obligated to take care of their responsibilities to the best of their ability. With this essay, a reader will find out, why marijuana should only be legalized for medicinal use (a) it affects people differently, (b) it can result in health problems and (c) it needs to be used responsibly. Marijuana affects individual’s bodies in different ways. It can be purchased for various purposes such as, managing level of pain, for pleasure, relief stress, or selling it trying to earn, extra money. The main reason, why marijuana should be legalized only for medicinal use is, so people are able to manage their pain and to make it possible, to live a lifestyle without suffering. In many instances, the marriage is affected negatively by the use of prescription pain relievers. While working, with the children

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