When Babies Aren't Enough by Jessica Hopkins

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Is there a common attitude society has towards women, and their roles as mothers? Betty Rollin, American journalist, reporter, and author, believes there is. She calls it the motherhood myth. She writes about this subject in her essay, “Motherhood: Who Needs It?” The myth is the idea that all normal women want and need to become mothers (Rollin 286). Rollin believes this is false, and argues that there is no biological drive or instinct, that makes women want to become mothers. Society reinforces this myth into us, through many forms of propaganda. Rollin argues against the belief that women’s most important role in life is to become a wife, and mother. She calls for the freedom to choose, and explains that becoming a mother is not an…show more content…
Second, the feelings that are described depict the feelings of parents in early parenthood. Addressing the effects of parenting on later-life happiness would have strengthened Rollin’s arguments” (qtd. Hopkins par 8).
Being a mother is not an easy job, it takes a lot of time and dedication. There are a lot of trials and tribulation that goes with it, as Rollin points out in her essay, but there also is a lot of joy. Rollin mentions all the negative aspects but fails to include any positivity, and most mothers would disagree with a majority of Rollin's claims. Her tone and phrases are harsh and can be viewed as disrespectful towards mothers.
Rollin credits that even though motherhood isn’t all that it’s cracked up to, women continue to believe in the myth because they were taught to do it all their life. From being giving dolls when they were little girls, to a women pushing her daughter for grandchildren, and even pressures from friends. She cites a study that shows a correlation between a women’s fertility, to her three closest friends. (Rollin 293)
The points made by Rollin are valid. I see my older sister being scolded by my mother all the time because she is married, has a career, but no children. My mom believes that until she has kids,

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