Finding The Love Of Your Life By Neil Clark Warren

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Finding the Love of Your Life was written by Neil Clark Warren, PH.D., and in this book he explains his ten basic principles of finding the right mate to spend your life with. He teaches people how to understand the two different types of love: passionate love and companionate love. He states that many do not get past the passionate love portion which is why many people go from relationship to relationship when the passion wears off.
The ten principles are as follows. The first principle he points out is to avoid the seven-point checklist which includes things like getting married too fast, making the decision at too young of an age, experience base that is too narrow and a couple that has unrealistic expectations. His second principle is that people must develop a clear image of the person they want to marry. One should consider the personality, ambition, chemistry and other aspects to create their image. Warren says, that principle three is that one should marry someone that is very similar to oneself because with too many differences a healthy relationship cannot be built. Principle four is that both people in the relationship must be emotionally healthy before they can form a healthy marriage. Principle five says, one should be passionately I love with whom they marry, but must not show all the passion until after the marriage begins. Principle six states, that passionate love is necessary, but marriage should not begin until a deeper love is developed because passion

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