Why People Should Stay In Jail Essay

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How can we get people out of jail with low offenders so we have more room in jail or prison for the ones that muder or robber people? When anyone go to jail or prison will serve time but how much? If you are in jail for a drug charge till how much you had on you for time but if not any you should just get a ticket. People who are doing time for the city. For example someone got kidnap in little elm over the weekend they were found by seen it was family that took them they won’t probably servere a lot of time if any. People need to know everyone is just people that make a little mistake in life. So if they don’t have history for trouble they shouldn’t get a lot of time but if they killed someone for no reason they should get 10 years it should be life they took someone…show more content…
How long is enough 5 to life. People that are in jail still have a life but not a good they have to follow rules but get some free time outside of there room. They need to have a jail for people with no criminal and one for people that murder and will stay in there for life till they die because they should just die why make a 50 years have life in prison if they are going to die in there. You are giving hope to some that have 10 years life in prisoner that are 59 years old. They aren’t going to have a life when they get out no one will ever have a life after jail. If they put people away for drugs on them they need to have a lot with them. Drugs are bad if used in the wrong ways. Not everyone is bad or just make it mistake in life. How do we know 10 years is enough they always had someone tell them what to do so out in the real world it make not make it different in they life they may just go kill again. People make mistake even police office any law person still mistake but don’t get in trouble for it why, if there kids got in trouble they wouldn’t have to sit in jail. The rule is not fair it need to be across the board for
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