Why Politics Is Important For Business

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In each country to allow citizens to coexist in the best way possible Laws were put into place, to make clear to all citizens to know there are rules and regulations to follow. If citizens choose not to abide by these laws then there will be punishment. This is why it is important that citizens abide by laws, rules and regulations to make their country run the best way possible. Laws affect how citizens live and work within businesses there are Laws and regulations that all businesses have to follow so each citizen gets treated equally and there are laws to protect them. To protect businesses and to protect all citizens involved in a business there are certain laws that have been put into place, without these laws businesses will not succeed this is why politics is so important to business, this essay will define Democracy and explain the relevance to business, different types of democracy with the definition and a country, state or town that’s government use the type of political ideology and also how it affected society in the past compared to the present. Democracy In a democracy the citizens have the right to choose who represents them in government by having elections. This is what the government use to let the citizens make a decision on the individual or group that are going to represent them in Parliament, the citizens make their vote by choosing from a variety of potential candidates and they will vote for the candidate that they believe will…
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