Why Professional Development Can Be Held For Mathematics Teachers

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At Neal Elementary mathematics teachers do not have an understanding of fact fluency and do not provide opportunities for students to develop fact fluency in their classroom learning experiences. To be successful in solving the problem, I believe that professional development needs to be held for mathematics teachers who teach 4th and 5th grade. The professional development will allow mathematics teachers the opportunity to develop an understanding of fact fluency and how it can be taught in the mathematics classroom. Teachers assume that fact fluency is timed tests and many of the students on our campus often practice in this manner. These tests typically take the form of one page with thirty equations. For many of our students, this type of test can be discouraging because they have learned inefficient procedures and do not understand the concept at the conceptual. Our campus faces serious problems with widespread underachievement in mathematics because the teachers do not have an understanding of fact fluency. Understanding that we cannot continue to do the same things and get different results has led me to this problem space. Teachers need to understand what fact fluency is and provide their students opportunities to develop fact fluency in their classrooms. Roles, Responsibilities, and Relationships My current professional position is the Elementary Mathematics Instructional Coach at Neal Elementary. As the mathematics instructional coach, I work closely

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