The American Revolution: America's Separation From Great Britain

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Fighting. Loss. Victory. Freedom. A war that would determine the fate of a new nation. A nation that we call home. The American Revolution, America’s separation from Great Britain. The Treaty of Paris brought forth the freedom that has become part of the America dream, ending the war in 1783 and officially declaring the colonies free. No one event can be pinpointed as the official and actual cause of the war. It began as a major disagreement over how the colonies were being treated and how they believed they deserved to be treated. Did Americans own all the rights of the British? This conflict will forever be remembered in one of the rallying cries of the American Revolution: No Taxation Without Representation. Although taxation was the…show more content…
So, it wasn’t that the Americans were angry over the taxes being high, just that they didn’t have a say in them.
Another major issue that caused the war was the distance and separation of Britain and America. The distance of the colonies and their mother country created an independence that was hard to overcome. Those who came to colonize the new world generally had a strong independent streak, desiring new opportunities and more freedom. The 3000-mile Atlantic Ocean that stretched between the British isles and the American colonies proved to be a burden for Britain. It kept them from effectively managing, supplying, and communicating with its “children”. As a result, the people who lived in the eighteenth century America were not the same as those who had migrated from England in the seventeenth century. They thought of themselves as being from a different England. During the eighteenth century, America began to evolve on different lines. America had been settled by religious dissenters and radicals, the descendants of which inherited the spirit of liberty. Most colonists had been driven from England or other European countries because of religious policies. The paupers, unemployed, and convicts had also come to settle in America. They had little to no love for the mother country to begin with. Now, when more than a century had passed, America was becoming a far better home for them than Europe. They were enjoying in America more freedom than
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